Stanley Colla, Interim Head of School at Vermont Academy, who spoke at our April 16 meeting sent this greeting from his trip to Spain


Note From Spain

Rotary plaque in Finisterre, SpainMaria,
Attached is a photo that you might want to share with your Rotary group sometime. On Monday, Judi and I traveled to Finisterre in the Galacia region of Spain. Finisterre is the historic western-most point in Spain; in truth, there is a point that is slightly farther west, but in BC times, Finisterre was thought to be that spot. Thus it's name: The end of the Earth. The Celts and Romans believed that when you were looking at the western horizon over the Atlantic from there, you were looking at the gates of Hades.
There is a lighthouse on this point to which the pilgrims on El Camino would often come after visiting the Cathedral in Santiago to signify the end of their crusade. Nowadays, hikers often burn their hiking clothes there.
Near the lighthouse, I came across this plaque, which by its existence describes the reach of Rotary International. It reminded me pleasantly of my breakfast with your group and how much good work you do.