How lucky we are to have such a wonderful member in our Rotary Club.  No matter who you ask or where you are, there are only kind words spoken of our guest speaker ~ Executive Director of Kurn Hattin School ~ Tom Fahner!
Tom told us of Kurn Hattin School collaborating with Westminster Center School to give the children in our community an opportunity to learn what Kurn Hattin School has to offer.  Our children in our community are able to share in their education with children at Kurn Hattin School, meeting fellow students from all over our country; getting to know kids from a whole new "world" and giving all of the kids a chance to broaden their minds in acceptance of all children, no matter where they are from.
Tom spoke of the day program and the residential program.  Kurn Hattin School is an available choice for schools in Grafton, Putney, Westminster, Bellows Falls, etc.