Rotarians Keith Clark and Ed Dinnany begin their journey on the John Muir Trail.
Keith and Ed are on their way. 
After a year of preparation for Keith and two years for Ed, may their adventure be fulfilling, safe and memories to last a lifetime. 
Follow their adventures at the link below.  Keith is wearing a SPOT device which will map out their hike in the next few weeks. 
Michael Moriarty from the Mono County Sheriff's Office helped transport Keith and Ed to their starting point.  I wonder if they will still be smiling when they are all done!  Clean shaven heads will be fully grown out I am sure. 
Follow the link to see where they have traveled in a day. Two amazing friends on a trip of a lifetime. 
Fellow Rotarians, keep them in your prayers!Good luck Ed and Keith.  Hike smart and hydrate!!